Toda Racing Ferrari 360 Engine Power Kits

For the past few years leading Japanese tuning house TODA Racing has been involved in the design and manufacture of high performance engine components for Ferrari powerplants, including the Ferrari GT300 engines for the Japanese JGTC race series.

As part of this process TODA Racing is delighted to announce the launch of a ‘stroker’ kit for the F131B model of the Ferrari F360, which enlarges capacity from 3586cc to 3960cc and raises power  from 426 PS up to 515 PS.

The heart of the TODA Racing F360 increased capacity conversion is a specially designed forged steel 85mm stroke crankshaft (standard stroke is 77mm,) which is used in conjunction with forged alloy high compression pistons in either 85mm or 86mm diameter. The volumetric efficiency is enhanced by way of high lift/long duration camshafts with adjustable pulleys, uprated valve springs and solid lifters, and the engine reliability is improved with heavy duty bearings, gaskets, cam belt and idlers.

The specifications of the TODA Racing F360 F131B 3960cc increased capacity kit are:-

 “Mastu” Spec
Displacement 3960cc
(C/R 13.3:1)
TODA (Solid) Matsu camshafts
295/10.2 IN & EX
High Comp Forged Piston KIT Ø85mm
Metal Head Gasket
Thrust Bearings
Heavy Duty Bearings M & R
Heavy Duty Crank Seals F & R
Heavy Duty Camshaft Seals
Heavy Duty Idler for Timing Belt
Heavy Duty Timing Belt
Free Adjusting Cam Pulleys + Timing Control Pulleys
High Power Profile Camshafts – “Mastu” Spec
Solid Lifter KIT
Shim for Solid Lifter KIT
Up Rated Valve Springs


*TODA bench test exhaust system was used.

TODA Racing’s Ferrari F360 large capacity stroker kits have been developed using a combination of dyno bench testing and real world evaluation to ensure the optimum blend of high performance and reliability.

Priced from £22,950 excluding VAT, the TODA Racing Ferrari F360 large capacity kits are available now from TODA Europe, a division of TDi-Plc. Prices exclude VAT.

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