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For those looking for much more than a generic remap!

Hopefully you’ll be aware of our provenance in tuning the very highest levels of race car engines over the last 35+ years. Our experience includes the most punishing Motorsport activities such as F1, Group B, Group C, LeMans 24 Hours etc, during which our skills of extracting maximum performance with reliability are tested to the extreme!

This wealth of knowledge and experience has also been used for high-performance road cars over the same period of time, for owners seeking optimum performance for their road and/or track-day cars. For those interested, we also pass this knowledge on at the Academy of Motorsport Sciences.

You’ve probably seen or heard about “ECU remapping”, “mapping”, “chipping” etc before. It normally refers to firms that offer revised engine calibration files which are uploaded to the ECU. The problem is that most of these files are what we call “generic” calibrations that are done on another car (often in another county) which are then applied to every other similar car. You may be (very) lucky and get a generic file that is 100% optimised for your car, but generally speaking the best expected outcome is that it is “OK” (ie not harmful to the engine). You may have also seen ECU remaps referred to as “Stage 1, Stage 2” etc, which is misleading because the engine calibration is either correct or it is not!

Probably around 90% of ECU remapping being offered in the UK are generic files, because they are easier to do and require no specialist tuning knowledge.

In order to correctly calibrate (or tune) the ECU, we don’t set specific targets, rather we find out on the dyno where each parameter is working optimally. The parameters we normally focus on would be air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, camshaft timing, boost pressure, VTEC point (where appropriate) throttle translation etc. This takes much more time and effort to do than a generic remap, which is why it’s more expensive.

Custom ECU remapping is the only way to ensure that you have optimum performance with reliability, even if the car is standard, and up until now we’ve been unable to tune Audi petrol vehicles due to the lack of an effective tool that gives us the required level of control over the factor ECU. Fortunately we’ve now teamed up with who have developed an excellent software editing platform which gives us exactly what we need to get the best from Audi engines.

Jaguar models for which we can offer custom ECU mapping with HP Tuners software:

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