Formula 1 ECU Calibration

 forumla 1 ecu calibration

Arrows F1 / Megatron as prepared by JD Classics and Geoff Page Racing – key clients of ours.

It’s a real pleasure and honour to work with these legends of yesteryear!

Due to the expense of purchasing and operating legacy F1 and other open wheel formula cars, there’s a compelling commercial case for upgrading the engine management systems to the very latest technology in order to harvest the maximum performance and reliability from them.

In addition to installing the latest technologies engine managements system, a key aspect is the accurate and safe calibration of the engine and sub-systems. Using the Rototest chassis dynamometer, the tyre is completely eliminated from the measurement process. Conventional rolling road chassis dynamometers are constrained by the tyre grip and the fact that the tyre is a constantly changing variable. The Rototest has a direct mechanical coupling the wheel hubs in order to provide absolute accuracy and consistency.

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