Honda Civic Type R FN2 Ecutek Remap

Honda Civic Type R FN2 Ecutek Remap

Having been a leading Honda tuner for decades, Torque Developments International is well known for producing the most impressive FN2 Civic Type R upgrades in the UK.

Key to unlocking maximum performance in the legendary Type R, is optimisation of it’s ECU calibration. Over the years, Torque Developments international has gained unparalleled experience in just how to extract every last drop of performance whilst maintaining a healthy barrier of engine safety.

Whether maximising the naturally aspirated performance or adding a supercharger or turbocharger, ECU optimisation is absolutely essential. Up until now we have tended to use a Hondata ECU solution but now there is a very credible alternative being offered by the leading ECU developer Ecutek!

The functions are too numerous to list here so please go to the Ecutek web site to see;

Here’s a nice video that you can review too:

We can either work with your existing Ecutek licence or supply you with a new one!

Here’s a link to the ECU calibration services that we provide.

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