Lamborghini Gallardo

Looking every inch a Supercar and packing a mighty 552hp 5.2 litre V10 engine and a very capable 4 wheel drive chassis, the Gallardo is a truly spectacular machine!


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Our “Super Sports” range of tuning packages has been designed with nothing but ultimate results in mind.
To build these tuning packages we allowed our engineer’s to operate free from cost constraints and instead concentrate solely on choosing products which exhibit the very best in design integrity and manufacturing quality.
For when you have some room in your budget and only the very best automotive engineering will do.

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Power upgrade +500bhp*, Handling upgrade, Braking upgrade
Power upgrade +500bhp*, Braking upgrade, Handling upgrade – Our top package suggestion here is designed to give you an idea as to what is available to the Gallardo owner for whom only the best upgrades and most extreme performance will do. This package includes a brake upgrade to very high performance, a top of the line GT racing suspension system entirely customisable to suit your specific driving requirements be it bumpy B’roads or glass smooth racing circuits. But the main feature of this X package for the Lamborghini Gallardo is to convert the vehicle from a naturally aspirated powertrain to a twin turbo charged powertrain which is capable of producing a real world 1000bhp. In order to do this safely and ensure reliability the original powertrain is entirely rebuilt using only the finest and strongest parts, the vehicles engine management system is entirely replaced with a high end race spec system designed to power cars at LeMans, turbo systems, intake and exhaust systems everything needed is included in the package enabling you to drive in and drive out. The real life performance of these cars with such a high level of power output is utterly bewitching and not at all for the faint of heart. This package is aimed at the cars with the conventional Manually shifted transmission but can be applied to cars equipped with the paddle shift E-gear system with the addition of some extra upgrades to E-gear drivetrain system.
£53939.58 + VAT – Enquire about this package
Power upgrade +50bhp*, Braking upgrade
Power upgrade +50bhp*, Braking upgrade, Handling upgrade – For those who are looking for an all round more aggressive edge to their Gallardo this package includes the upgrades which we recommend for our initial S package, plus additional improvements to the engines induction system with the carbon fibre “ram-air” system from Gruppe-M and also the exhaust with a beautifully crafted titanium exhaust system from the legendary Akrapovic including a wireless engine volume control which is easily adjustable directly from the driver’s seat. These upgrades give an increase in outright straight line performance as well as unleashing some of the Lamborghini V10’s fantastic natural engine sound. We also include our R package a full upgrade of the cars entire suspension system which gives our technicians almost unlimited adjustment potential in terms of vehicle ride heights, spring and the damping rates, this enables them to tailor the drive of your Gallardo to your specific driving style and personal preferences.

£11987.78 + VAT – Enquire about this package

Handling upgrade, Braking upgrade – This is our recommended first step in improving this already very well engineered car. This first upgrade step is focused on improving the feel and response from the chassis and further improving the vehicles brakes. The result is a marked increase in driver confidence and so making it even more fun to drive this sports car in the manor that Lamborghini intended.

£982.08 + VAT – Enquire about this package


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