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ECU Remapping – New Guarantee:  Free mapping and free fuel!

Buoyed with confidence from having years of successful race winning ECU mapping services under our belt, we decided to make things a little easier for you to chose us as your preferred service provider by eliminating any risk that we won’t do a great job for you.

Here’s the deal; if we remap your ECU and it’s subsequently discovered that another firm has improved upon our work, we will refund the money you paid plus the cost of the fuel used*.

Another interesting thing we’ve noticed recently is that although our charge out rate is relatively higher than some of our competitors, because our equipment and processes are very efficient, the overall cost of the services is often cheaper than our peers.

Please give us a try. We’re confident that you won’t be disappointed, but even if you are at least it won’t have cost you anything!

*The “small print”:

  • A claim must be made within 1 month in order to eliminate any adverse effects due to wear and tear.
  • The specification of the car must not have changed in any way.
  • A claim must be validated on our Rototest dyno (you can appoint your own operator if necessary) 

Please review this page for information on our  ecu mapping services

Please contact us to make a booking.

Torque Developments International is the appointed UK demonstration centre for the Rototest VPA-R chassis dynamometer system.

Torque Developments International was the first tuning company in the UK to use the Rototest VPA-R and provide comprehensive scientific quality testing methodologies to the general public. Up until then this level of testing had been the sole reserve of Tier 1 manufacturers and well funded race teams such as Cosworth, Penske Racing, Andretti, Opel, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Shell etc. The reason that we selected Rototest over cheaper chassis dynamometer systems is because of the superior control, accuracy and repeatability that it affords.

Rototest actually invented the hub mounted dyno system and held the patent for this design. Being directly bolted to the wheel hubs overcomes difficulties and inaccuracies associated with a rolling road chassis dyno. Suspension camber and toe angles, tie-down tension, tyre slip and carcass deformation, changes in tyres temperature/pressure and the danger of explosion etc are all completely eradicated thanks to the Rototest system. There is also an important consideration concerning the potential for undetected tyre damage caused by rolling roads. Add in the potential for the car to come loose during testing (particularly those with very high power outputs) and you can see why we do not use a “rolling road”.

The importance of using high quality equipment becomes apparent when calibrating an engine management system (sometimes referred to as ECU “mapping” and “tuning”), as accuracy and repeatability are absolutely crucial to achieving optimum performance. In addition to the quality of the equipment, the competency of the calibrator (sometimes referred to as “Mapper” or “Tuner”) is vital. Our calibrators are very highly qualified and experienced, and actually teach at the Academy for Motorsport Sciences.

The combination of first class equipment, knowledge and skills affords Torque Developments with exceptional ECU calibration/tuning capabilities.