Nissan SR20DET Forged Engine Build (Part 4)

Following on from the high performance engine build detailed in earlier blogs, and a very careful engine running in process, Phil brought his cherished S14 200SX back to us for a check over and to tune the HKS FCON VPro ECU to maximise the performance and to see whether our number crunching had been close to the designed the specifications.

Considering that we had specified the engine package to hit a target of 400hp at the hubs, the result of 412hp (DIN corrected) and a very flat 336 ft/lbs at the hubs should put a smile on Phil’s face!

Here’s the raw dyno data. You can see that as it was quite a cold day (8 degrees C) the DIN correction is making quite a substantial downwards adjustment from the 432hp observed at the hubs!



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