Nissan SR20DET High Performance Engine Build (part 2)

Following on from part 1 of the SR20 high performance engine build thread we’ve now turned our minds to the turbocharger package.

We designed the turbocharger to meet specific objects as the correct specification doesn’t exist “off the shelf”. The standard exhaust turbine housing was machined out to within an inch of it’s life (!), and was internally ported to maximise gas flow, the interal wastegate apperture was bored out and now incorproates a larger flap valve to prevent pressure creep. We used a Garret GT30 ball bearing core with a billet compressor wheel, and a modified GT35 compressor housing.



We’ve used a stainless steel high flow tubular exhaust manifold to minimise exhaust flow restriction and optimise pulse tuning.



We’re currently in the process of manufacturing support brackets to reduce the stress on the exhaust manifold, then we’ll be sending the hot components off to Zircotec for their plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating, for whom we’re a processing hub.

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