Every aspect of the Nissan GT-R has been developed to optimise performance.
From its breath-taking shape to its intuitive layout and control system, the Nissan GT-R delivers a dose of pure adrenaline and excitement.


Premium Tuning Package

Our “Super Sports” range of tuning packages has been designed with nothing but ultimate results in mind.
To build these tuning packages we allowed our engineer’s to operate free from cost constraints and instead concentrate solely on choosing products which exhibit the very best in design integrity and manufacturing quality.
For when you have some room in your budget and only the very best automotive engineering will do.

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£4,179 + VAT

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Power upgrade +500bhp*, Handling upgrade, Braking upgrade
This package was put together to showcase what can be done with this car when the gloves come off, this package is recommend for those who are unsatisfied with mere “super car” performance levels and want build a truly extreme machine. Our extensive engine modifications increase the engine size to 4ltrs using the finest components throughout for ultimate strength. Very little of the Nissan equipment remains with the entire turbo system, the intake system and entire driveline being replaced with the strongest aftermarket parts proven capable of taking the extreme loadings. Our brake upgrade included in this package is every bit as extreme as the engine spec, we move over to AP racing Carbon/Ceramic brakes on all four corners of the chassis, the suspension system is not forgotten and is replaced with a near infinitely adjustable 3way coil over system from Nitron built to our own in house specifications.
£79,502 + VAT – Enquire about this package

Power upgrade +200bhp*, Braking upgrade
This package is designed for the Nissan GTR owner who wants a serious power upgrade. With this package we upgrade the GTR’s turbochargers making them larger and therefore capable of flowing larger amounts of intake air and exhaust gas. We include all of the performance and cooling upgrades from the Sports X package but including the magnificent Akrapovic titanium exhausts system. This is our first upgrade package to include the Syvecs SGTR standalone engine management system which offers not only great engine and driveline hardware protection but also a deep level of configurability which gives our technicians the ability to truly tailor your upgraded engines power delivery, traction control and gear change characteristics to suit your preferences and your driving style.
£28,068 + VAT – Enquire about this package

Power upgrade +50bhp*, Braking upgrade
Our first step tuning solution in the Super Sports range, this package includes improvements to the engines intake system as well as a complete exhaust system upgrade. Here we replace the standard Nissan exhaust hardware with a high performance system made entire from hyper lightweight Titanium manufactured by the world famous Akrapovic. We also include a brake pad material upgrade which will offer drivers increased confidence when pushing on and enjoying the cars performance.
£4,179 + VAT – Enquire about this package


Tuning Package

Our “Sports” range of tuning packages has been designed especially so that as many people as possible can access the exciting world of car tuning and car personalisation.
Whilst building this range of packages we have deliberately concentrated on suggesting parts which we know to perform extremely well but which cost a little less than some of the alternative parts in the market.
So for all of the cost savvy tuners you now have our personal recommendations as to what is really worth a look at when you are working within a budget.

Packages Start From

£1,134 + VAT

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Power upgrade +130bhp*, Braking upgrade, Cooling upgrade
Our Sports X package was built to cater for the GTR owner who wants to use their sports car on track days as well as on the road. We include all of the performance upgrades from the R package plus further upgrades which free up the engines intake and exhaust flow to an even greater extent. The braking upgrades in this package are designed to cope with the higher thermal energy levels generated during the consistent heavy braking events experienced during flying laps out on circuit. This package also provides robust cooling solutions for the GTR’s transmission which as standard can overheat during prolonged or very high pace use on circuit.
£19,004 + VAT – Enquire about this package
Power upgrade +110bhp*, Braking upgrade
This package is designed for the GTR owner who is interested in giving their vehicle a serious injection of additional real world performance. With this package we offer a series of upgrades which include and surpass the performance gains of our S package we go further by replacing more of the vehicles exhaust system unleashing some of the fantastic natural sound of the twin turbo V6 engine. This package includes reprogramming the Nissan engine management system in order to optimise the engines settings for the increased flow performance of the upgraded intake and exhaust system hardware. In order to support this we also upgrade the vehicles fuel delivery system and use fuel injectors with an increased flow rate with this package.
£7,790.50 + VAT – Enquire about this package
Power upgrade +30bhp*, Braking upgrade
With this first upgrade step for the already very strong Nissan GTR we have focused only on the biggest restrictions to the vehicles performance. We upgrade the engines intake system and the most restrictive part of the standard exhaust system. We also look to replace the standard Nissan brake pad material with an upgraded alternative which performs far more consistently when the going gets tough.
£1,134 + VAT – Enquire about this package


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