Audi R8 V8 TTS Supercharger System



Audi R8 V8 Supercharger System

Audi R8-V8 TTS Supercharger System

The 700hp Audi R8 V8 supercharger system is now available!

TTS PERFORMANCE. Are pleased to announce their latest development. The Audi R8 ‘Twin supercharger conversion’.  TTS go where others only dare to follow. TTS paired 2 Rotrex C38 superchargers and mated them to a CNC Billet mounting bracket running both superchargers from an 8 rib belt for reliability. These two superchargers blow through a huge charge cooler that controls the air temperature into the engine. This charge cooler in turn is cooled by a large front mounted radiator. There is no compromise this system excels any other. Making in excess of 700 bhp with boost limited to 15 psi ( 1 Bar ).

When converted and on normal driving the car remains as docile as any other manual R8 you care to mention, albeit with quite absurd torque. Indeed you can pull away in second with barely any throttle, and urban driving very seldom requires a change out of fourth the reserves -560lb ft – available from just above idle that there really is no need to shift.

It’s when what’s behind you starts hissing and gargling that things are starting to get serious.  The joy of having this supercharger installation is that the characteristics are drastically enhanced rather than entirely transformed. This is an extreme case, but the R8 is still a car that delivers its best performance at high revs. When the opportunity arrives, of course. The full 16psi of boost comes in at maximum revs, by which point the R8 is going ballistic.

... not so much from here though!

In all honesty, this level of performance is more than anybody really needs – and is usable – on the road, but if the demand is there for people to go faster then further upgrades are possible! In addition to the pair of Rotrex C38 chargers, the kit features two charge coolers from the V10 RS6 (the RS6 only used one of them!) and a larger front-mounted radiator. Water methanol injection is used in addition, which is said to help with the coking issues associated with this engine and the lower quality of fuel found in other markets.

If speed is your thing, the twin supercharged TTS R8 should be enough for even the most demanding driver.

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