Eibach Pro-Street-S Mustang 2014-2017



Eibach Pro-Street-S Mustang 2014-2017

Eibach Pro-Street-S Mustang 2014-2017 for 2.3 Ecoboost and V8 coupe and convertible models.

We have been optimising chassis performance on high-performance road cars and Motorsport cars for over 3 decades using Eibach suspension equipment. It’s among the best you can buy!

High performance, Eibach tuned coilovers
Quick height adjustment ? lowers 0.8’ – 3.0’ (depending on application)
Durable corrosion-resistant construction for rust-free service life
Optimal tuning for street comfort and performance

Eibach PRO-STREET-S offers you optimal sport performance without making big sacrifices in comfort. Due to its height-adjustability, the Pro-Street-S coil-over allows you to fine tune to your specifications.

Racing experience flows directly into Eibach PRO-STREET-S coil-over suspension systems through many years of in-house development, as well as manufacturing shock absorbers and ERS springs for the top series in national and international motorsports.

This combination of tuning, production, application of high-grade materials and the utilization of spring elements from our ERS racing sport line results in a perfectly calibrated product in every regard.

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Just some of the Chassis Dynamics services we offer;
Chassis modelling – We can build mathematical models of existing chassis to better understand the nuances of a given design
Complete chassis and suspension system design
Redesigning of front or rear suspension sub-systems to suit a pre-existing chassis
Spring rate advice and selections
Anti roll bar rate advice and design optimisations
Suspension arm/link design, optimisation and modelling
Suspension geometry settings both static and kinematic
Limited slip differential advice and optimisation
Tyre advice, size and shape, construction and compounds
Roll cage and other chassis reinforcements, design and advice
Chassis Dynamics equipment and facilities
Whole Chassis design modelling and evaluation software
Tyre simulation and modelling software
Corner weight measuring equipment with flat patch
Vehicle dynamic performance measuring equipment
Snap-on 3D Arago optical chassis alignment jig