S2000 Toda B2 Camshafts



S2000 Toda B2 Camshafts (pair)

All three cam profiles have been redesigned to increase power through out. Please note that most high lift camshafts will require the TODA Racing valve springs and require an aftermarket ECU. If in doubt, please call us for advice.


F20C/F22C S2000
F20C/F22C High Power Profile Camshaft
Part No.Angle (valve lift)TypePrice
14111-F20-C2AA2 : 235(8.0) / 295(13.0) / 240(8.5)IN
14121-F20-C2AA2 : 230(8.0) / 290(12.0) / 235(8.5)EX
14111-F20-C2BB2 : 250(11.0) / 302(13.2) / 250(11.0)IN£440
14121-F20-C2BB2 : 250(11.0) / 292(12.7) / 250(11.0)EX£440
14111-F20-C2CC2 : 250(11.0) / 307(13.2) / 250(11.0)IN
14121-F20-C2CC2 : 250(11.0) / 297(12.7) / 250(11.0)EX
*On installing confirming that there is enough, valve to piston clearance, valve to valve clearance, cam lob to follower clearance during mid cam operation.
*Caution: finger follower (roller rocker-arm) may need modifying due to contact with the cam lob.
*The cam angles for Primary, Mid, Secondary are indicated.
*Standard valve spring cannot be used
*TODA Up Rated Valve Spring required.
♦ Can idle with STD ECU.
*This product is recommended to use in conjunction with the following Toda products.
Free Adjusting Cam GearsHeavy Duty Timing ChainHeavy Duty Oil Pump ChainHeavy Duty Chain Tensioner

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