Syvecs Tiny Dash



Syvecs Tiny Dash

The Syvecs 2.4 Inch TinyDash is a compact competitively priced display designed as an easy-to-install and convenient source of vital information from your powertrain control system.

The unit which fits in the palm of your hand has been designed around simplicity and provides all customers and dealers with a no-fuss product experience.

Extensive CAN integration

Syvecs is known industry-wide for our OEM/ECU CAN data abilities and the TinyDash is no exception. We have taken our most popular CAN database decoders and placed them within the TinyDash allowing for direct communication to many powertrain CAN buses. This enables users to get information quickly from their vehicle or after-market ECU displayed on the screen without the limitations of the ODBII protocol. A list of supported vehicles/Ecus can be found inside the manual and online. Should a vehicle/ECU not be listed installers can use our Generic CAN to receive and configure their own.


Two low-current PWM outputs are included within the TinyDash. These are user configurable via our SCAL software. We have even included a Wastegate strategy.

The TinyDash is also a boost controller!

Three analogue inputs are also onboard each with software selectable pull-ups and allow for many standard analogue and temperature sensors. It is even possible to send this sensor data to your engine controller via CAN-increasing system I/O.

Customisation Warnings and Alerts

The TinyDash has many customisable display options allowing for tighter integration into existing vehicle colour schemes along with an adjustable backlight which can be controlled via a CAN or available analogue input.

Users are also able to configure warnings and alerts for temperature, lambda and more.

Live monitoring of powertrain data

Warning system with alarms for many parameters

Lambda Monitoring strategy from OBD2 or CAN Data

Built in Boost control

Custom PWM Strategies

OBD2 Data Support

OEM CAN Protocols pre-loaded for many manufactures like Audi, Bmw, Porsche etc

Adjustable backlight with headlight input to cater for all cabin light levels

Full Generic CAN RX with custom ID, Endian, Start bits, lengths, signing. Allowing support of any CAN data

3 Analog inputs for external switches and sensors

2 PWM Outputs.

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