Race Track Support Service

race track support service

We’ve been actively involved in Motorsport for decades, from Club type to the very highest professional levels., and we offer track-side support for all manner of engine and transmission control systems, power distribution systems and digital dashes, and for data analysis and optimizations. Whether you’re a private individual, race team or constructor, we can help!

We’re familiar with most types type of ECU’s, TCU’s and PDU’s so can help you gain and maintain a competitive edge.

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Torque Developments International Heritage

Torque Developments was established in 1984 to fulfill demand from the motorsport and high-performance automotive industry sectors for highly specialized expertise and products.

Torque Developments’ core value proposition has always been to provide effective performance solutions to a client base that demands exceptional levels of service.

From its inception Torque Developments has been constantly developing, sourcing and marketing innovative performance-enhancing products to satisfy the needs of the high-performance automotive industry. In recent years an increasing emphasis on specialized motorsport activity means that the firm is often among the first businesses to approach new and emerging opportunities in the fast-changing world of motorsport.

Some notable Torque Developments events are, in chronological order:

2014 Became well known for successfully tuning Formula 1, Group C and Group B race cars

2012 Founded the Academy of Motorsport Sciences

2011 Britcar Class winners – Honda K20A powered Lotus Elise

2009 The first Tuner in the UK to acquire Advanced Technician Accreditation

2008 The first Tuner in the UK to acquire ISO9001 accreditation

2006 The first Tuner in the UK to acquire Prodrive Chassis Dynamics Certification

2006 The first Tuner in the UK to acquire EFI University Advanced certification

2006 The first Tuner in the UK to offer multiple service centres

2006 The first Tuner in the UK to install a scientific quality Rototest Chassis Dynamometer

2005 The first and only Tuner in the UK to offer a Freephone service

1994 The first and only Tuner in the UK to acquire PLC status

1986   The first Tuner in the UK to install a 4 wheel drive chassis dynamometer

1984 The first Tuner in Europe to modify Japanese cars