Aston Martin DB9 handling upgrade

Here at Torque Developments International we speak to many Aston Martin DB9 owners and whilst most are very happy with the way their car looks and sounds, allied to its strong straight line performance, many are dissatisfied with the way that the car actually feels to drive. Common complaints about the standard DB9’s handling abilities range from the front of the car feeling “fidgety,” to the rear of the Aston Martin feeling unpredictable with a limited amount of grip when exiting corners.

Over recent years the Torque developments chassis dynamics team have tackled and comprehensively defeated the handling gremlins of large variety of Aston Martin cars including the Vanquish S, the Vantage V8 and Vantage V8 Volante, and now we can add the DB9 to that list. From the very first test drive our technicians were able to diagnose multiple layers of issues that corresponded to the owner’s list of complaints and from there we were then able to drill down into the DB9’s chassis detail to isolate the various causes of the problems.

After a period of extensive testing, including workshop and live driving measurements, Torque Developments now has a detailed understanding of the DB9 chassis and has arrived at a set-up for the chassis geometry that we can offer to other Aston Martin DB9 owners who are in search of a nicer, more user-friendly chassis performance. For more information please call Torque Developments Plc on 0800 107 3250 or visit our website at