TODA Racing 1884cc big bore kit for Suzuki Swift Sport M16A engine

The growing Suzuki Swift Sport tuning scene continues to evolve! The latest release from legendary Japanese tuning house TODA Racing for the ZC31S model’s M16A 16-valve engine is a big bore piston kit for those seeking serious power from a turbo or supercharged Swift Sport.

TODA’s big bore piston kit uses Ø 85.00 mm forged pistons, which in conjunction with the standard 83 mm stroke crankshaft increases capacity from 1,586cc to 1,884cc. Thanks to TODA’s low compression 10:1 design, these forged pistons are specifically designed for forced induction applications.

Key features of the TODA Racing ZC31S M16A Suzuki Swift Sport big bore piston kit include:-

* Ø 85.00 mm bore (standard 78.00 mm)
* 10:1 compression ratio, ideal for forced induction applications
* High pressure (3000 tonne press) forged alloy design for strength
* Defric coating on piston skirt to reduce friction and increase durability
* Pistons balanced +/- 0.25 grams
* High strength gudgeon pins
* Improved oil drainage system

Priced at £730.00 excluding VAT, this product must be used in combination with the TODA Power Liner Kit and the TODA High Stopper Metal Head Gasket. TODA Racing also supplies a high compression version using 12.2:1 pistons for high power normally aspirated Suzuki Swift Sport M16A engine builds.

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M16A big bore stroker kit TODA Racing Suzuki Swift Sport