TODA Racing Honda B18C HIgh Strength connecting rods

The B18C Honda VTEC engine is well known as a tuner’s favourite, where its ability to produce very high power outputs is the stuff of legend.

But even the very best of production engines need upgrades to withstand heavy doses of brake horsepower, which is why TODA Racing has developed a set of high strength ‘I’ – section chrome-molly connecting rods which greatly uprate the strength of the B18C motor’s bottom end.

Key features of the TODA Racing Honda B18C high strength connecting rods including:-

* Fully floating little end bushes for 21 mm Ø gudgeon pins
* Each rod is balanced to +/- 0.1 grams
* 10% lighter than standard Honda connecting rods (495 vs 547 grams)
* Rod length of 137.9 mm

The TODA Racing high-strength I-Section connecting rods are available now from TODA Europe, priced at £1695.00 per set, excluding VAT.

To purchase this product, please click on the following link:-

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