TODA Racing Honda Civic Type R FN2 lightweight engine pulleys

Leading Japanese tuning house TODA Racing has developed a set of lightweight alloy engine pulleys for the popular FN2 version of the Honda Civic Type R .

The reduction in overall weight of the pulleys allied to a reduction in parasitic losses enables lower transient inertia, resulting in increased responsiveness and engine acceleration from the I-VTEC K20A powerplant.

Produced from lightweight yet strong Duralumin A-7075, the key technical features of the TODA Racing Civic Type R FN2 pulleys include:-

  • A two piece crank pulley with optimised material specification to provide an efficient, low wear oil seal
  • The retention of the hexagon socket design on crank pulley so original Honda crank tool can be used for installation and removal
  • Special red anodised finish to enhance engine bay appearance (black / blue / gold) available at extra cost
  • Available in a/c and non a/c formats

Because installing a new timing belt is important to aid the running in process for the new pulleys, a new, standard length timing belt is supplied by TODA Racing for the a/c version. On the non a/c version TODA Racing supplies a special, shortened belt.

Prices and part numbers for the different pulley kits are as follows:-

13810–FN2–HAC (with a/c, including standard length belt)             £360.00

13810–FN2–HOO (without a/c, including shortened belt)             £380.00

The additional colour options cost an extra £50.00 and require a three week lead time.

The TODA Racing Honda Civic Type R FN2 K20A intake cam control sprockets are available now from TODA Europe, a division of TDi-Plc – note prices exclude VAT