M16A_Flywheel small

Toda Racing Lightweight Flywheel for Suzuki Swift. Using it’s vast experience of developing flywheels for TODA race programmes, Toda Racing has come to fully understand the most desirable characteristics required for the ultimate flywheel.

Along with a wealth of racing experience, Toda uses CAD solid modelling work stations to further reduce stress and to improve weight distribution and inertia.

The production of a Toda chrome moly flywheel is broken down into several sections. Firstly the basic flywheel shape is machined out, then the 1st of the two heat treatment processes is carried out, which hardens the chrome moly, it is then slowly cooled to restore flexibility, after which the final detail machine work is carried out. With finally the 2nd and 3rd heat treatment giving the clutch face and ring gear greater wear durability and rust prevention.

Weighing in at a only 3.5kg with 0.31 inertia, the Toda racing flywheel provides better engine acceleration and response.

The Toda Racing flywheel for the Suzuki Swift can be reviewed and purchased here.

TODA RACING designs and manufactures racing engines and automotive components. Since the company’s establishment, it has continually strived to understand how to burn each drop of fuel more efficiently. With the goal of increasing combustion efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emission outputs, our recent research and development endeavours have primarily focused on the application of advanced technologies, such as direct injection systems, into advanced eco-friendly engines.

TODA Racing has started as a formula machine constructor in 1971. Utilizing the advantages in it’s racing experience, it supplies TODA original racing parts such as camshafts and pistons. It also focuses on engine development and research and development for combustion efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, and lowing emissions.