Introduced in 2001, and blending modern engineering techniques with traditional craftsmanship to provide what is often cited as being the Ultimate Grand Touring machine. The extremely powerful V12 engine and capable chassis never fails to exhilerate.

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Premium Tuning Package

Our “Super Sports” range of tuning packages has been designed with nothing but ultimate results in mind.
To build these tuning packages we allowed our engineer’s to operate free from cost constraints and instead concentrate solely on choosing products which exhibit the very best in design integrity and manufacturing quality.
For when you have some room in your budget and only the very best automotive engineering will do.

Packages Start From

£886.48 + VAT

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[/tboot_column] [tboot_column size=”6″] [tboot_accordion_bootstrap name=”UniqueName”] [tboot_accordion_bootstrap_section color=”primary” name=”UniqueName” heading=”SSX Performance Package” number=”1″ open=”yes”] Power upgrade +30bhp*, Handling upgrade, Braking upgrade
Power upgrade +30bhp*, Handling upgrade, Braking upgrade – Our top package suggestion here is designed to give you an idea as to what is available to the Vanquish owner for whom only the best will do. This package includes all of the benefits of the S and the R packages using only the finest and most advanced upgrade parts. We also take things a step further by replacing the secondary and catalytic converters with free flowing pipework whilst using the spectacular QS Titan exhaust rear section fabricated entirely from titanium for an unmatchable engine note. The suspension system we use with this package is of the very highest specification and gives our technicians almost unlimited adjustment potential enabling them to entirely tailor the drive of your Vanquish to your specific driving style and preferences.
£14905 + VAT – Enquire about this package
[/tboot_accordion_bootstrap_section] [tboot_accordion_bootstrap_section color=”primary” name=”UniqueName” heading=”SSR Performance Package” number=”2″] Power upgrade +15bhp*, Braking upgrade
Power upgrade +15bhp*, Handling upgrade, Braking upgrade – For those who are looking for an all round more aggressive edge to their Vanquish this package includes all of the upgrades we recommend for our S package plus improvements to the engines exhaust system giving an increase in outright performance as well as unleashing some of the Vanquish V12’s fantastic natural engine sound. We also include in this package an upgrade of the vehicles coil springs which will lower the cars ride height by just the perfect amount in order to add an extra sleek and aggressive look without compromising road driving practicality.
£3683 + VAT – Enquire about this package
[/tboot_accordion_bootstrap_section][tboot_accordion_bootstrap_section color=”primary” name=”UniqueName” heading=”SSS Performance Package” number=”3″ ] Handling upgrade, Braking upgrade – This is our recommended first step in improving this already very strong car. This step is focused on improving the feel and response from the chassis and further improving the vehicles brakes. The result is a marked increase in driver confidence and so making it even more fun to drive this sports car in the manor that Aston Martin intended.
£886.48 + VAT – Enquire about this package
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We stock only the top performing upgrade parts from the world's finest manufacturers.

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