Zircotec Thermal Barrier Coatings.

Torque Developments International is the regional distribution centre for Zircotec thermal barrier coatings for Kent, Essex and inside the M25 area.

Zircotec has developed a range of high-performance thermal barrier coatings that are designed to prevent unwanted heat loss from engine components. The plasma sprayed coatings can be applied to new and used components and to most metals & metal alloys. Steel, titanium, nickel, chrome, nickel alloys, aluminium, copper and brass can all be accommodated. Under-bonnet temperatures can be reduced by approximately 33%!

The ceramic based coatings can be applied to any heat sensitive component such as exhaust manifold, header, turbocharger, down pipes, hot engine components, tailpipes, finishers and any areas where heat is a problem.

Zircotec coatings are available in various colours which you can see here http://zircotec.wpengine.com/products-services/for-motorsport/exhaust-coatings/performance-colours/


Zircoflex Form and Zircoflex Heat Shield

In addition to the plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings, we also supply ZircoFlex Form structural heat shields which you can read about here ZircoFlex Form and  the range of Zircotec adhesive Zircoflex Heatshields which you can see here Zircoflex Heat Shield


Zircoflex Performance One Coatings

For those working to a budget or who’s primary concern is cosmetic, the range of Zircotec Performance One coating could be ideal for you. Being polymer as opposed to plasma applied, the process is cheaper. To review the range of colours please visit Performance One


Zircotec Installation

In addition to our Zircotec and Zircoflex main order supply service, we can also remove and refit the components having the Zircotec thermal barrier coatings process applied, and install Zircoflex in the areas that are sensitive to heat related issues. This can be done in our clean and modern workshop by our highly skilled team.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like advice or make a booking.


Please contact us to find out more or to order.

Zircotec thermal barrier coatings

zircotiec thermal barrier coatings