BMW M3 Syvecs ECU

BMW M3 Syvecs ECU – the ultimate plug and play solution for your E92 and E93!

BMW M3 Syvecs ECU

BMW E92/E93 M3 plug and play ECU

For those lucky enough to own a BMW E92 or E93 M3, and require the very best in ECU tuning, at long last Syvecs has released it's plug and play engine management contol unit for the legendary E92 and E93 BMW M3.

Based on the Syvecs S6 model ECU, it offers full user control over all engine parameters to enable un-parallelled tuning optimisation opportunities.

Eight adjustable maps are accessible from the existing M button to enhance the driving experience.

Added features include rolling anti-lag, adjustable launch and traction control to truly fine tune the engine to the chassis and driving conditions!

Of course using a speed/density MAP calibration makes it essential for any application employing forced induction such as a supercharger or turbochargers.

Engine safety protocols such as EGT, oil temp and oil pressure compensations can be adopted.

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For the tech geeks among you, the BMW E92 and E93 M3 Syvecs ECU has the following specifications:

The S6GP ECU offers an extremely high level of precise engine management control. The twin processor unit uses a high-speed RISC processor for code execution and an additional large FPGA for high-speed engine position tracking, allowing the scheduling of code to be independent of signal patterns, increasing flexibility, efficiency and accuracy under transient conditions. This powerful combination also allows advanced control algorithms but yet easy to map for the end user.

The S6GP is the Backbone to our Highly Popular PnP Board

Technical Specification

100 MHz full duplex ethernet for connection to PC for programming and data download

1 CAN 2.0B interface

16 general purpose analogue inputs:
– 4 5V/bipolar, sensor/sync/speed, programmable trigger voltages
– 4 5V/Thermistor, sensor/sync/speed, fixed trigger voltages
– 4 5V sensor input
– 4 Thermistor sensor input

1 NTK/LSU lambda circuit
1 K-type thermocouple circuit
1 knock input

16 low side driver outputs:
-8 injection outputs (Max 10 amps)
-8 ancillary outputs (Max 5 amps)

6 logic level ignition outputs (5 or 12v)

1MB Battery backed internal logging memory

6 to 26v input voltage range with reverse polarity protection

2 regulated 5V sensor supply outputs with protection

Unregulated sensor supply output which tracks the ECU supply voltage

5 Separately protected sensor and communication ground inputs