Cosworth Subaru EJ20/EJ25 Oil Pan and High Pressure Oil Pump

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Cosworth EJ20/EJ25 High Volume Oil Pan:

Sustained high RPM of prolonged high speed driving will result in elevated oil temperatures. Additional oil volume  along with improved oil control will reduce damaging temperatures. The Cosworth EJ20/EJ25 high volume oil pan is fabriacated from both original and custom components resulting in an additional 2qts of capacity compared to the standard oil pan. Each kit includes powder coated pan, mounting hardware, oil pickup and spacer. Note, this will not work with some aftermarket exhaust manifolds.

The Cosworth EJ20/EJ25 High Volume Oil Pan can be see here


Cosworth EJ20/EJ25 High Pressure, High Volume Oil Pump:

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Increasing oil volume will help prevent bearing damage and engine failure. Additionally, sustained high RPM use may cause oil starvation to the crankshaft bearings. The Cosworth EJ20/EJ25 high pressure oil pump uses a completely new inner and outer 12mm rotor to increase volume by 20%. This ideal for all fast road and racing applications.

The Cosworth EJ20/EJ25 high pressure/high volume oil pump can be seen here


Cosworth High Pressure EJ20/EJ25 High Pressure Oil Pump

High performance engines require additional oil pressure because of the increased demands placed upon the various components. The Cosworth EJ20/EJ25 high pressure oil pump is modified to increase oil pressure to help ensure superior lubrication. Each pump in carefully inspected and blueprinted.

The Cosworth High Pressure EJ20/EJ25 oil pump can be see here


Cosworth EJ20/EJ25 Oil Pan Baffle

Oil control can be a problem with high performance high revving Subaru engines.High crank case pressure along with the horizontal engine platform, restricts rapid oil return from the cylinder heads to the oil pan.Prssure builds in the heads aand crank case causing massive blow by and power loss. The Cosworth oil pan baffle has been engineered with diverters to control oil returning from the cylinder heads to the pan, directing it away from the crankshaft. Additionally, on-way valves prevent the oil from re-entering the upper crank case chamber, thereby limiting blow by and preventing oil starvation during hard driving. Manufactured from stainless steel and installs easilly. Use with the Cosworth high volume oil pan for maximum oil control.

The Cosworth EJ20/EJ25 oil pan baffle can be see here

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