HKS UK Dealer

Without doubt, HKS was  one of the first high-performance and racing manufacturing companies in the world to offer OEM-quality components to the after-market industry. This was truly game-changing for us as a relatively new company back in the 1980’s that was used to “artisan” type quality components whereby the effectiveness and durability was questionable!

Although the Japanese car tuning scene was hyper-niche at the time, we quickly appreciated the scope of the opportunity to represent HKS both here in the UK and in Europe. We remained the sole UK Dealer/Distributor for almost 10 years until 1994.

Due to this, we can safely say that no other company has anywhere near the experience and knowledge of HKS components than us, so would be delighted to help with your component supply and installation requirements.


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HKS has been conducting various businesses. Design, development, and manufacturer of automobile parts including original exhaust systems and suspension, turbocharger, electronic parts, and related parts are mainstream.
The development of race engines and ultralight plane engines are also highly regarded. Furthermore, by utilizing the technology accumulated through the development of the gasoline engine parts, modification of a diesel engine to convert to a natural gas engine, and development of the Bi-fuel system development have been carried out. HKS continues to challenge new business from now on.

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