Honda K20A Stroker Kits

honda k20 stroker kits

The Honda K20 engine is absolutely legendary for its reliability and incredible performance over a wide engine operating speed range. Not only in its original Honda Civic chassis, but it’s very popular as a transplant into many other vehicles.

The Motorsport and high-performance industries have developed quite a substantial range of upgrades for the K20, including internal engine components such as pistons, rods, camshafts etc, and a range of peri[pheral components such as intake and exhaust manifolds etc.

One of the best performance upgrades is to increase the stroke of the engine in order to produce more torque. However, there is compromise from doing so as the maximum engine speed is reduced in order to keep the piston speed to an acceptable level.  Many people use the K24 cylinder block with K20 cylinder head which is known as a “Frankenstein” conversion, which does produce good levels of torque but the engine speed is reduced to a maximum of 7200rpm which is too low for many applications.

We have found that the best solution in order to gain maximum torque without sacrificing many high-speed capabilities, is the Toda Racing stroker kits which are available in various bore sizes and in either high or low compression formats for natural aspiration and forced induction (turbocharged and supercharged).

Also, there are certain applications that require sustained high-speed performance in which mid-range torque isn’t the priority. For these applications, Toda Racing offers a short-stroke kit that retains the 2.0 capacity by reducing the crankshaft stroke to 84mm and increasing the bore size to 87mm or 87.50mm.

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High Compression

Low Compression

Short Stroke

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