Hondata ECU remapping system now available for Honda CR-Z Sports hybrid

We love the Honda CR-Z hybrid here at Torque Developments! We love its looks and its economy, but it’s simply not fast enough to excite. As standard the driving experience leaves us wanting more…

Hence why we’ve been releasing a range of produces designed to put more squirt into the CR-Z and the latest (and potentially most significant) is a Hondata FlashPro ECU remapping system for the funky sports hybrid.

So, what is Hondata?
Based in sun kissed California, Hondata is the leading supplier of remapping software and has a proven track record in offering reliable, high performance ECU solutions for previous Honda models including the EP3 and FB2 Civic Type R, where it’s FlashPro system has become the choice for tuning enthusiasts and professionals.

What is the Hondata FlashPro system for the CR-Z?
The Hondata FlashPro system expands the capabilities of the stock Honda CR-Z ECU, enabling the manipulation of key engine parameters as well as adding advanced extra features that the stock engine management system lacks, including rev and launch limiters, fuel injector scaling and individual cylinder trims and knock control.

The speed of installation and powerful functionality of the Hondata FlashPro system allows professional and hobby tuners to affordably remap the ECU to optimise the performance of mechanical modifications including induction kits, exhaust systems, camshafts or more radical upgrades for the CR-Z such as turbocharger or supercharger conversions.

Hondata Honda CR-Z users can also benefit from advanced features including the ability to swap between two maps (both calibrations can be stored within the FlashPro unit) and the facility to datalog up to 20 hours of key engine parameters.

Hondata CR-Z FlashPro key features:

  • Programmable ECU interface
  • OBDII diagnostic port connection
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Works with laptop or desktop PC
  • Live tuning capability
  • 20 hours on board datalogging memory
  • Windows compatible FlashPro Manager software
  • Check and clear diagnostic codes
  • Customizable laptop gauges
  • Dual calibration storage – upload from one of two calibrations stored in the FlashPro

Hondata FlashPro CR-Z tuning features:

  • Ignition, fuel, idle speed, table editing
  • VTEC activation window
  • MAP sensor based tuning
  • Rev and launch limiters
  • Map tracing  & lambda overlay
  • Choice of either AFM or MAP based fuel tuning
  • Expanded fuel ignition and knock tables for forced induction
  • 4 bar MAP sensor support (43 psi)
  • Support for larger injectors
  • Injector latency / dead time
  • Individual cylinder fuel & ignition trim
  • Individual cylinder knock control
  • Starting calibrations for intake, exhaust manifolds, forced induction & larger injectors

Priced at just £486.00 excluding VAT, the Hondata FlashPro system for the Honda CR-Z is available now from Torque Developments International Plc. Click here to buy now and find out more:-

NOTE: The Hondata Flashpro system supports European Honda CR-Z models carrying the Honda ECU part number RTW-E06. Further versions are in development to suit later versions of the CR-Z.

Honda CR-Z Hondata Flashpro from Torque Developments plc