Stand-Alone ECU vs OEM ECU Tuning

Here’s another example of a fairly regular occurrence that we get to see. Generic ECU remaps that fail to perform properly.

In this example it’s a standard Porsche 997 GT2 Turbo that had been to a Porsche specialist for an ECU remap in order to improve engine performance.

The owner wasn’t happy with the results so brought the car to try and improve matters. We were already aware that  the stock ECU is clunky to work with and doesn’t offer a Tuner the level of control necessary in order to accurately and safely optimise it, so an aftermarket stand-alone ECU was prescribed.

Having worked with Syvecs for many years and being comfortable with the ease of use and comprehensive functionality, a Syvecs S7 plug and play ECU was quickly installed.

Following our normal tried and tested tuning methods, the Syvecs ECU calibration was optimised to find it’s “sweet spot” to work properly with the powertrain package.

The original ECU calibration was set to run at 1.5 bar boost pressure, and gave the power and torque curves that you can see on the grey lines below, whereas the Syvecs optimisation resulted in the impressive red and black power and torque curves at a much lower 1.2 bar boost pressure! As you’d expect, the vehicle performance is totally transformed even though it’s using less boost pressure.

Remapped OEM ECU vs optimised stand-alone ECU

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