TODA Racing Civic Type R FN2 stainless steel exhaust manifold

TODA Europe is pleased to confirm that a high performance TODA Racing stainless steel exhaust manifold is now available for the European FN2 version of the Honda Civic Type R.

Developed specifically using extensive dyno testing to suit the characteristics of the FN2’s K20Z3 engine, the TODA Racing exhaust manifold is produced from high quality, lightweight stainless steel and uses a 4-2-1 design to boost mid-range torque.

Key technical features of the TODA Racing Civic Type R FN2 exhaust manifold include:-

  • Dyno developed 4-2-1 layout to optimise mid-range torque
  • Dimensions Ø 45mm – Ø 50mm – Ø 55mm – taper – Ø 60mm
  • Optimised high flow pipe joints and angles to maximise gasflow
  • Service adaptor included for stock Honda A/F sensor  
  • CNC machined manifold / cylinder head mating flange

Designed to run without the front catalyst, the TODA Racing FN2 exhaust manifold has been back to back dyno tested by Torque Developments International, where it proved to significantly boost mid-range torque and top end power.

Available now from TODA Europe, a division of TDi-Plc, the TODA Racing Civic Type R FN2 exhaust manifold is priced at £1105.00 – excluding VAT – click on the link here to purchase now:-